The universal hydraulic service trolley (HST-300U) is suitable for a wide range of fighter air craft’s, military transport aircraft's, and helicopters used in Indian Air Force.
Hydraulic service trolley consists of the following sub systems:

  • Mechanical structure and its steering system
  • Prime mover and its accessories
  • Twin hydraulic system
  • Vacuum system (de-hydration and de-gassing system)

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Technical Details

  • Operation : Outdoor
  • Overall dimensions : (L)3400 X (W)1500 X (H)1690 mm
  • Number of Wheels : 2 nos. (Rear); 2 nos. (Front)
  • Suspension : Leaf Spring for Front & Rear Wheel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 140 Liters.
  • Towing speed : 10Km/hrs.
  • Steering mechanism : Ackerman steering mechanism.
  • Rear Axle Weight (RAW) : 2205 Kg (Actual Measurement DATED 13/07/2012)
  • Front Axle Weight (FAW) : 1625 Kg. (Actual Measurement DATED 13/07/2012)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) : 3830Kg. (Actual Measurement DATED 13/07/2012)
  • Working Media : Mineral base Hydraulic Oil OM-15, DTD-585, Superclean MIL-H-5606.
  • No. Of supply & Return lines : 2 set of Delivery and Return Line (Including System-I and System-II).
  • Flow rate : 100 LPM in each system.
  • Operating Pressure : 300BAR.
  • Temperature range : -5 to 50°C.
  • Filtration level : 3µ. of High Pressure Filter.
  • Vacuum Level (Working range) : 200mBar (abs).
  • Compressed Air Pressure (Working range) : 7 Bar (Max).
  • Prime Mover : Diesel Engine TBD3V6 Greaves.
  • Battery : Lead Acid battery 2Nos each of 12V, 120Ah rating.
  • Hydraulic Reservoir : Stainless Steel-SS304L, 70 Ltrs + 70Ltrs, Twin chamber , with std accessories

The Universal Hydraulic Service Trolley is specially designed and developed for the Ground Servicing of two independent aircraft systems. It is used for actuation of the aircraft hydraulic system through the supplied pressurized hydraulic oil from the trolley to the aircraft, comprising of a pressurized reservoir, with filtered and de-aerated fluid at flow and pressure characteristics required for testing. The Trolley (HST300U) is suitable for wide range of fighter aircraft, military transport aircraft, and helicopters used in Indian Air Force.
It is mainly used for Sukhoi Su-30MKI, MIG -29, MIG- 21, Mirage-2000, Hal- Tejas.

Key Features

  • Continuous filtered high pressure hydraulic oil supply to two independent aircraft systems.
  • Delivery Pressure & flow can be sleeplessly controlled from the panel.
  • System regulates the hydraulic fluid level in each system of aircraft
  • There is a provision of degassing through vacuum system.
  • Enables to decrease or increase the level of aircraft reservoir at quantitative volume of oil.
  • Instrumentation of different parameters like delivery pressure boost pressure, return pressure, delivery flow, temperature etc.
  • Trolley tank can be completely isolated and aircraft tank can be used in the circuit and including both tanks in the circuit is also possible.

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