Fuel Consumption measurement System(FCS) is a self-contained SKID housing Fuel Tank, Tank Weighing System (TWS) of Mettler Toledo (Model No. IND 570), Fuel Tank Filling Pumps/Flame Proof Motor, Temperature Sensors (RTD), Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers for cooling of Fuel and a Control Panel (CP) for user to interact with the system. All electronic/software controls & communication interaction with the FCS SKID is through this CP.

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Technical Details

  • Flame Proof ELECTRIC MOTOR : 1.5KW, 1440 RPM,Three PHASE, 4 POLE, 50HZ
  • Fuel Filter: Filtration :10 Micron(absolute), with electronic Clogging Indicator.
  • Fuel tank(material ss-304): 150 ltr fuel tank
  • Temperature sensor (rtd): range: 0 to 100 degree c
  • Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger: Fuel Line Pressure Drop 0.01 Bar.
  • Refregirated water chiller : Three phase refrigerated air cooled chiller
  • MS Sheet Metal BOX for Control Panel: 600H X 600W X 350D (SHEET METAL ENCLOSURE WITH 600X600X350 mm
  • POWER SUPPLY: 220/4.2A,24V,DC

It is used to test the fuel consumption of locomotives .SS Tank of 150 Litres supplies the fuel to the TEST ENGINE through pump & filtration system.

Key Features

  • Filter Clogging Indicator Switch (6.0) which indicates that the Filter is clogged
  • Tank Weighing System comprising of 4 Load Cells, Flameproof Junction Box & IND 570 Indicator
  • Temperature Sensors installed to monitor the temperature of chilled water as well as the fuel.
  • Ball Valve at the suction of the Fuel Tank Filling Pump is MANUAL and has a limit switch which tells that this Valve is Open
  • Float Switches get activated in case of Fuel Tank overfill or Fuel Tank over flow
  • PLC Controller is connected with Temperature Sensors, Limit Switches on Valves and Filter Clogging Indicator Switches on filters and also Float Switched.
  • PLC Controller is also connected with Chiller through RS485
  • The HMI on control panel will always show the current status (Open/Close, On/Off) of all components in the Fuel Circuit.

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